How You Can Help!

3 azpinza kids We will apply for grants to assist the kids as well as applying to existing charity organizations for funds. We will organize charity fund raisers and ask for direct contributions of funds, goods and services. We will provide feedback on this site about our progress and projects for the kids. We will plan for the use of funds in improving the living conditions for the orphanage kids and direct the use of the funds to ensure they are used for the proper purpose with a minimum of overhead. We hope to distribute funds, after direct costs, directly for the improvement of the life of the kids. The administration of state orphanages in Georgia is paid by the government.Eto&Bro

We can accept tax exempt donations as an 501(c) 3 organization. We are extremely concerned that all contributions can be monitored and accounted for to our benefactors.

We will be arranging charitable events and fundraisers to achieve our goals and hope you can help.

A Little Help - A Big Difference!