Current Projects update  2016

The kids in the mountains in the town of Mestia created their own facility for themselves and other young people to come and hangout. We contributed some funds that they used for heating and other necessities. We also continued to support an English learning center in Batumi that does great work to help young people with the all important language skills.

Current Projects update  2015

While we continue to provide eduactional assistance in Georgia, we are focasing this year on the needs for the Ukraine kids in and from the war torn areas that are in need of basic necessites. We have made some financial contribution to organizatons supplying medications and toiletries. We are exploring ways to get clothes and other necesities to the kids before winter comes.

Current Projects update  2013 & 2014

We continued to help with educational aid. Once again we provided some basics like clothes. We also provided help for the kids of fallen soldiers with education and other basic help.

Current Projects update October 2012

There was a shift in the way the kids were housed in Georgia. Many of the nearly 1000 kids in the 6 - 18 age groups were moved to small group homes, foster parents or in some cases back to some member of their biological families if they could be found.  We continued to get help directly to the kids most in need no matter what the housing arrangements as they are still in need in many cases.

We are providing financial help to an organization that is training the kids to transition to the outside world at age 18.

We are sponsoring college students and are considering doing the same for more vocational training.

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement!

 Completed Projects


We have sent nearly 100 winter coats and some other clothes to the East Coast of the USA in May 2011 where Mr. Lasha Darbaidze  graciously agreed to help get the goods the rest of the way to Georgia. In early August 2011, the goods were delivered to Tbilisi and now await  Ani  to be in Georgia in September to once again help distribute the winter coats and other clothes to the kids.


We have set up a scholarship for one student through a sponsor here in San Diego County to help him through his college years. Some things have to be done one kid at a time but we are very pleased with our first choice for scholarship.

We delivered shoes and clothes an orphanage in Mestia in the Svanetia mountainous region in north western Georgia in September 2010. We will continue trying to get local supplies for the kids if we can and of course, getting more warm clothes to the kids. Ani made the rather arduous journey to the Mestia orphanage in September 2010 and has many pictures and stories to tell us  about the things that need to be done.

Ani also hand carried from the US and delivered back packs, fleece sweaters and other goodies to the kids.


Completed projects included getting 35 new "mates" beds for the kids at Digomi Orphange. Our Georgian manufacturer delivered all of them before Christmas.  The kids were very happy and the manufacturer did a great job. Ani also delivered fleece jackets and knit hats in January 2010. We had already delivered more than 80 pair of shoes in June of 2009.

SHIPPING SUCCESS!  The 380 pair of shoes and boots plus 200 pair of jeans and another 180 knit winter hats and 180 mittens  are in storage in  Tbilisi.   Ani was in Georgia in September and helped deliver the winter clothes and shoes/boots personally at least in time for the 2011 winter this time.

Please call or email Ani if you have any questions about the kids we are trying to help or this project.

   New BedsThe new beds are  built and delivered. They arrived before before Christmas as promised. The kids were happy.  Notice that there is no heat in the rooms - we still have things to do! new beds 2


These are examples of the shoes and boots we delivered.

You see - A Little Help does make A Big Difference in their lives !