Our Purpose

Support for Kids Organization was created to provide help to the kids in orphanages in the country of Georgia but we also are able to extend help to other former East Bloc countries in need. We will offer aid the the kids from the war torn areas of Ukraine like we have done in the past for Georgian kids.

During my several visits to 7 state orphanages in Georgia, I saw the extremely harsh conditions the kids are living in. I met these wonderful kids, had meetings with some of government officials and directors of the orphanages, found out that they are very under funded and most of the orphanages survive primarily on occasional assistance from international donors.

Our purpose is to provide support and make permanent arrangements for continued assistance.

We are committed to give these kids an opportunity for normal life and happiness.aniazp1

We plan to improve the basic living conditions (clothes, heat, electricity, hot water, etc.) for the kids in the orphanages. We will ensure funds are used for the proper purpose with a minimum of overhead.

We will manage the distribution of funds,  products and services. We will travel to Georgia as required and we will ensure that the help goes where it is intended. We plan to keep the overhead to a minimum by having volunteers help in the USA and part time help in Georgia as needed. We will strive to work with the Georgian government to get goods directly to kids with a minimum of duties and customs.We have set up a PAYPAL account for you to be able to help directly with direct bank payments or credit card donations.We are extremely concerned that all contributions can be accounted for and monitored for our benefactors.